Sewer Scope

Let Western Home Inspections get down and dirty to see inside those main plumbing lines. We do not offer a main line cleaning or repair service so you will receive a truly unbiased opinion of your sewer lines. 

Many older homes have cracked or deteriorated main plumbing lines. We recommend having your lines scoped before a real estate transaction.

To avoid costly repairs, we also suggest having your lines scoped every 5 years.


What to expect:

We provide a written and video report with every sewer scope service. We will need access to the home for approximately 1 hour to complete service.

A link to download the video is emailed to you within 12-24 hours of the scheduled service. You will also receive a formal, written report detailing the condition of your plumbing lines and any recommendations of repair.

Pricing is $120 per test; contact us today and ask about bundle pricing other Western Home Inspections services.