Certified Home Owner Protection Inspection

Scheduling a routine checkup inspection helps you take care of your home, staying on top of maintenance which saves you money in the long run, avoiding expensive problems. Protect your home and identify safety hazards with Western Home Inspections.

Have you lived in your home for over 4 years? There are many systems in the house that could fail without proper maintenance. Have Western Home Inspections examine your home before disaster strikes. A home owners inspection follows the same standards of practice and inspection procedures as a buyer and seller inspection.

A home is one of the largest investments in your life; we can provide a custom home maintenance schedule for you to help ensure optimal care for your home.


What you can expect:

Our home inspection takes approximately 3-4 hours for the standard home inspection under 1200 sqft. For each additional 800 sqft you can estimate one additional hour to complete the service.

You are welcome to join us on the inspection if your time permits, where our inspector would be happy to review the details of the inspection report with you on site.

You will receive an electronic copy of the complete inspection, typically within 24 hours.



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