Campfire Dough Boys


Campfire Dough Boys!

Here is a recipe that will be sure to leave people talking and mouths watering this summer campfire season.

No matter if you’re camping in the backcountry or sitting around the firepit in the backyard Campfire Dough Boys are a great treat.


- 1-2 packages of uncooked dinner rolls (find near the cookies in the refrigerated food section at your local grocer) 

- Half stick of butter

- Half cup of cinnamon sugar

Step 1. Grab the perfect stick and remove the bark (you can also use the manufactured smore sticks from the store)

Step 2. Grab a dinner roll and roll it between your palms until you have a long string of dough (but not pencil thin!)

Step 3. Wrap the long dinner roll around the stick like rope. Keep it tight, the next row should touch the last

Step 4. Cook like a hotdog over the open flame. Rotate the dough round and round until it is golden brown

Step 5. Once the dough is golden brown it is time for the butter. Rub the dough in butter coating the entire doughboy

Step 6. Roll the butter covered dough boy in the cinnamon sugar to the desired amount.

Step 7. Enjoy while it is still warm!

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