What's a Tip Guard?

A range tip guard is shipped with every new gas or electric range, it is usually in the package with the manual and registration. The tip guard is not always installed and can pose a serious safety hazard. The tip guard is a little piece of metal that will anchor the range or stove to the floor or wall, so it won’t be able to tip.  


Most tip guards are installed on the feet or backside of the range. The bracket is then secured to the floor or wall. This prevents the tipping if say a child climbs up on the stove door and the oven topples over. 

Tip guards are a simple safety feature shipped with all stoves and ovens there is not much to them but they need to be installed. 


Do I have a tip guard? Here is an easy test. 

DO NOT try if you feel uncomfortable with this test as you will be lifting part of the stove. They are heavy!! 

Wedge your foot on the bottom of the stove with your hip securing the front of the stove. Then slightly lift the back of the stove towards you. If you can lift the back legs off the ground the tip guard is not installed or not installed properly. 


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